We sell freshly baked sourdough breads, sweet and savory pastries and fresh sandwiches every day in our shop in 25 Donegall St. 

All of our bread is made using natural fermentation. We use local, organic ingredients where possible and imported organic where necessary.

Sourdough or naturally leavened bread, which is what we offer, simply refers to bread that is made without commercial or industrial yeast. It is just flour, water and salt.

The biggest advantage here is that it takes time. Time = flavour and digestability. 

Flour is wonderfully nutritious, it contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, fibre and plenty more. However it can not be eaten raw. Supermarket bread is somewhere in between raw flour and our loaf. It's not fully fermented like ours and so eating too much of it makes your guts feel bad. But because our loaf has been allowed to ferment for a long time it is much better for your guts to digest (and we think it tastes better!). 

We import organic Italian flour which forms the base for most of our breads. The sunshine in Italy creates good conditions for the protein in the flour to grow which turns into gluten and helps the dough rise well.

We also trade directly with Irish farmers. We have taken our time to personally find farmers who grow the kind of organic, flavourful ingredients that we feel good about putting in our bread. We trade directly with the farmers. When we need more flour we send a whatsapp to the farmer who grows it, harvests it and eventually also mills it for us.

All the farmers we work with produce different flours that are unique to them. Representative of them.